Meat & Seafood

Everyone knows that quality meat is synonymous with Co-Op tradition!

Our expert butchers provide a varied array of specialized cuts, either pre-packaged or butchered on the spot to your specifications. Meat department products are delivered daily. We also carry Wm. H. Buckley Farm grass fed beef. Murray’s Chicken, Bell and Evans Chicken, Smart Chicken and Plainville farms.
Our featured local products are very popular. These include:

  • White eagle hot dogs
  • Sindoni Sausage
  • Pucker pickles
  • Oscars Adirondack Smoke House
  • Wm. H. Buckley Farm

All meat and poultry are ground fresh at the Co-op. We make our own kielbasa, Italian breakfast sausage, and the ever popular Black Angus burgers edged with ground black pepper, blue cheese, mushroom and Swiss, or cheddar and bacon.

If you’re rushed for time or out of ideas for dinner, you can always be sure to find pre- seasoned, ready to cook entrees waiting for you. These may include chicken cordon bleu, sausage stuffed beef braciole, stuffed pork chops or peppers, and chicken or beef stir fry, to name just a few possibilities.

Our fresh seafood comes directly to us from Boston, and we have gained a reputation for freshness and flavor. Customer favorites include Ducktrap River of Maine,
Salmon or Trout.

We are trusted for our superior quality and customer-focused service. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ring the bell and we will assist you.
Meat and Seafood Team: Pam Blassting, Paul Caputo