Coop History



1937 Schenectady Co-op founded on State St. Later moved to McClellan St. and Eastern Ave.

1943 Niskayuna Co-op incorporated in March 1943. Founded during WWII due to gas rationing. Founded at 2211 Nott St., site of current liquor store.

1947 Niskayuna Co-op moved to current location on Nott St.

1953 Expansion on side of store.

1956 Expansion on rear of store and second story stockroom.

1959-62 Future general manager Don Bisgrove employed at Co-op as after school job during high school.

Early 1960’s Boom time. One of top producing co-operatives in the USA.

1962 Expansion on side of store. German deli/restaurant added in store.

1964 Retirement of Stan Lee, longtime general manager.

Late 1960’s Mismanagement, not competitive, much debt continuing through early 1970’s.

1968 Major renovation. Moved location of deli/meat added to the northwest side of building.

1973 Betty Mathis, long time Board secretary, and new Board saved store. Old Board wanted to sell out for $250,000. Betty established a new Board, including Bill Williams and Al Fink and others, who were determined to save the store.

1975 Don Bisgrove returned to serve as general manager.

1975 Restaurant was discontinued and replaced by a snack bar.

1975 The first Open House was held in November 1975, and continues to this day.

1982 Mt. Pleasant Co-op was established with help from Niskayuna Co-op Board and a contract to provide general management. Advertising with Mt. Pleasant Co-op and two Gabriel’s markets helped build sales for all four stores.

1984 New entranceway expanded the front end of the store for an additional cash register and solved a flooding problem.

1986 Mt. Pleasant Co-op closed two years after taking over own management of store, caused by slow sales and high debt load.

2001 Grand Union (located in current Shop Rite plaza) closed, causing immediate sales increase of 40%.

2003 Major remodeling. Spent over $1,250,000 replacing everything in the building. Added totally new façade, floors, ceiling, lighting, wall décor, fixtures, and equipment.

From 2003 Steady growth with focus on high-quality foods and meat/deli offerings.

2011 Installed a new roof, insulated the building, added a new furnace and two new vent fans. A $200,000 plus project.

2012 Remodeled and upgraded the interior, floors, décor and signage with an investment of almost $400,000.