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The Co-op Bakery features an extensive selection of freshly baked breads, bagels, challah, cheesecakes and carrot cakes, pies, rugelach, and other indulgent treats. Our cookies, turnovers, and biscuits are baked fresh in-house. If you have specific dietary needs, we carry a variety of allergen free options for home and the classroom.

Our selection of store baked goods, national brands, and sought-after local products is unparalleled. Favorite brands and products include:

Cider Belly Doughnuts
Heidelberg breads
Mourningkill Farm pies
Pepperstick Cookie Company
Perecca’s pizza dough and bread
Rock Hill Bakehouse breads
Villa Italia cookies and coffee cake
G’s Famous Lemon Cookies

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In retail service since 1985

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Anyone can join. Everyone can shop.

We’re an independent store owned by our shoppers, offering a huge selection of organic, gourmet, and locally made specialty items next to a complete range of your favorite national brand products.