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The Niskayuna Consumers’ Cooperative, Inc. is an independent, member-owned grocery store that has served the community since 1943. The Niskayuna Co-op was founded during WWII to provide the community a neighborhood grocery store, preserving precious gas due to rationing. Our pragmatic founders chose the cooperative form of organization which has since grown to over 12,000 members. In the interest of true democratic control, voting in the corporation is on the basis of one member, one vote rather than on the number of shares owned. A distinguishing feature of the Co-op is that the $25.00 share price means that no one need be excluded from membership benefits, should they be desired.

Why join?

The Niskayuna Co-op offers high quality and competitive pricing in a warm, friendly atmosphere. Your patronage is appreciated, and you are encouraged to make your needs and wishes known to us. The Co-op is here to serve you and your family and you are invited to become a member, to enjoy the many benefits and to share in the policy decisions and committee work.

How do I become a member?

Print out this form and present it to your cashier at your next visit. No printer? Ask a cashier for an application next time you shop.

Is there a way to join online?

Becoming a member of the Co-op requires purchase of a stock certificate which by law requires your social security be provided on the form. To protect your privacy, at this time we are only accepting share purchases in store.

What are the member benefits?

Special benefits include coupon incentives, discount pricing, membership specials, and check cashing privileges. The Co-op also supports school and community activities such as NiskaDay, high school student awards, and sponsorship of many school, scouting, and community events.