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The Co-op’s Deli provides all the makings for an on-the-go lunch or an easy, casual dinner. Our store made soups, handmade sandwiches, and renowned breakfast sandwiches are available for order at our counter.

The grab-and-go case features an extensive selection of pre-made/packaged sandwiches and salads, pasta salads, deli salads, hummus, quiche, dips, wings, pudding, fried fish, deli meat, and dinner entrees.

We also offer custom made platters for easy entertaining.

Favorite brands and products include:
3 Chicks and a P hummus and pea spread
4 Fat Fowl artisanal cheeses
BelGioioso cheeses
Boar’s Head meats and cheeses
Buddhapesto pesto
President brie
R&G Cheese Makers traditional, orange ginger, or fig goat cheese
Worldlings Pleasure cheese spreads

Store made selection includes:
Chicken salads – traditional, buffalo chicken, cranberry walnut
Deli salads – tuna and rings, seafood salad, tuna salad
Heat-and-eat dinners – chicken parm, chicken Sorrento, lasagna, Buffalo mac and cheese
House made turkey and pork loin with fresh garlic
Rotisserie chicken

Deli Team Leader

In retail service since 1996

Life outside the Co-op
What’s your favorite thing to do during your down time? “I brew homemade beer.”
If extraterrestrials landed on earth and offered to take you with them, would you go? “I would hang out with aliens, if they would bring me back in time for dinner.”

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of organic, gourmet, and locally made specialty items next to a complete
range of your favorite national brand products.